February 20, 2018

Yesterday (1989)

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Yesterday (Sara’s Aria) 3’30”
(Recording: Layna Chianakas, soprano; Henry Mollicone, piano)

Excerpt from the opera “Hotel Eden“, for mezzo-soprano and piano
Level: easy, 3’30”

Program Notes:

This aria is from the three-act opera HOTEL EDEN, and is sung by Sarah, the biblical wife of Abraham, about the sadness of aging.

—Henry Mollicone


“Mr. Mollicone’s credentials are the finest and what strikes one immediately about the music to HOTEL EDEN is its professionalism…there is nothing tentative about its idiom, its writing for voices or for the aptness or inventiveness of the instrumental writing.”

OPERA, London – James Helme Sutcliffe

Yesterday (Sara’s Aria)

And now it seems like yesterday
That we were young and beautiful
The world was new and spread before us,
We had such joyous hopes and dreams.

Remember on our wedding day,
We whispered low our wedding vows.
The world was new and spread before us,
We kissed for an eternity.

Oh when did we grow older,
How fast the hours do fly.
Time taps you on the shoulder,
So soon the years pass by.
You turn around and stare,
Your youth’s no longer there,
And friends who were once beautiful
Are turning old and grey.
It seems like yesterday.

And then one day you walk more slowly.
You can’t remember little things.
And suddenly your cheek’s not rosy,
Your fingers swell around your rings.

Libretto by Judith Fein

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