February 20, 2018

When Diamonds Are A Legend (2007)

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When Diamonds Are A Legend 1’50”
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For soprano with piano accompaniment
Level: medium, 1’50”

Program Notes:

Emily Dickinson’s poem contains many dashes. In my setting, the soprano should not use them as breath indications, but should rather maintain the legato line. This song is dedicated to the memory of Beverly Sills, and was composed shortly after her passing.

—Henry Mollicone

When Diamonds Are A Legend

When Diamonds are a Legend
And Diadems – a Tale –
I Brooch and Earrings for Myself,
Do sow, and Raise for sale –

And tho’ I’m scarce accounted,
My Art, a Summer Day – Had Patrons –
Once – it was a Queen –
And once – a Butterly –

–Emily Dickinson

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