February 20, 2018

La Cenerentola (2013)

Score purchasable through Henry Mollicone Publications (HMP)

La Cenrentola 11’30”
(Recording: Henry Mollicone, piano)

Piano fantasy based upon themes of Rossini, for solo piano
Level: advanced, 11’30”
Full score: $15

Program Notes:

“This piece was commisioned by a friend, Scott Edwards, for the birthday of his wife Kassandra Edwards.

“Based upon music from Rossini’s opera, it was largely influenced by other Romantic composers: Chopin, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, and mostly, Liszt. I owe gratitude to my first piano teacher, Salvatore J. Fransosi, who instilled in me when I was a child a deep love for the music of these composers. Sal was a great inspiration to me, as he introduced me to so much wonderful music that I was not aware of as a young child.

“Having studied Liszt transcriptions of songs and operas, I set out to compose a melodic work of modern romantic piano music- an operatic piano transcription- with those models in mind. I also decided to keep the CENERENTOLA themes used in the same keys as they are in the opera. This gave me the challenge to compose appropriate transitions between the opera themes, adding my own variations of Rossini’s musical material along with additional music of my own.”

—Henry Mollicone
May, 2013

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