February 20, 2018

Five Bagatelles (2013)

Score purchasable through Henry Mollicone Publications (HMP)

Five Bagatelles 5’20”

I. Prelude
II. Waltz
III. Dance
IV. Nocturn
V. Toccatina

(Recording: Henry Mollicone: piano)

for solo piano
Level: advanced, 5’20”
Full score: $12

Program Notes:

“Five Bagatelles were initially composed in 1963 when, as a high school student, I began to study composition with Ron Nelson. My first teacher of composition, he introduced me to many of the styles of 20th century. Some of these trends are represented in “Five Bagatelles”.

“Over the years, I’ve frequently considered reviving these pieces, but, never was completely satisfied with them. Suddenly in 2013 (50 years later!), I finally came up with good ideas for revising these pieces, and now feel happy with the result. In fact, the last movement, “Toccatina”, is based on a movement of my new violin concerto.

“So, after half a century, I now feel good about putting this early work into my catalogue!

“”Five Bagatelles” is dedicated to the memory of my loving and supportive parents, Henry and Mary Mollicone.”

—Henry Mollicone

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