February 20, 2018

Super Cuncta (2007)

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Super Cuncta 3’10”
(Recording: The Philovox Ensemble of Boston)

for soprano and baritone soli, with SATB chorus, a cappella
Level: advanced, 3’10”
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Program Notes:

Having grown up with Latin prayer, I was very attracted to this early text by Hildebert de Lavardin which expresses a kind of Eastern universality. I find it a deeply meditative and profound prayer, with its poetic description of the fullness and completeness of God in all things. It was my intention to portray this meditative feeling in the music, which begins with a quietly flowing texture, building to a strong and joyful conclusion.

—Henry Mollicone

Super Cuncta

Super cuncta, subter cuncta,
Extra cuncta, intra cuncta,
Intra cuncta nec inclusus,
Extra cuncta nec exclusus,
Super cuncta nec elatus,
Subter cuncta nec substratus,
Super totus, praesidendo,
Subter totus, sustinendo,
Extra totus, complectendo,
Intra totus est, implendo.
(God is) Over all things, under all things,
Outside all things, inside all things,
Within but not enclosed,
Without but not excluded,
Above but not raised up,
Below but not depressed,
Wholly above, presiding,
Wholly beneath, sustaining,
Wholly without, embracing,
Wholly within, filling.