February 20, 2018

Child of the Pure Unclouded Brow (2004)

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Child of the Pure Unclouded Brow 1’12”
(Recording: The Philovox Ensemble of Boston)

for unison chorus (or solo voice) and piano
Level: easy, 1’12”
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Program Notes:

“Child of the Pure Unclouded Brow” consists of four lines by Lewis Carroll and four additional lines by William Luce. It was composed for a short documentary film. This brief work is for unison chorus with piano accompaniment, and can be done with SATB, SA, or TB, as well as solo voice and piano.

Child of the Pure Unclouded Brow

Child of the pure unclouded brow and dreaming eyes of wonder,
Though time be fleet and I and thou are half a life asunder –
I’ll take your hand in case you cry, I’ll walk you through the wild wood,
I’ll keep you safe if demons try to take away your childhood.